How Do I Do Business with CLPCCD?

Depending on what type of new vendor category that a firm falls under, the firm should complete and submit the first time vendor forms plus any other of the following documents that are applicable:

  • First time vendors
  • Professional services providers (architect, engineer, inspector, etc.)
    • Professional Services Agreement
    • Drug-free Workplace Certification form
    • Workers' Compensation form
  • Independent contractor (non-public works)
    • Independent Contractor Questionnaire
    • Contract for Services
    • Requisition form
    • See Contract for Services section for more information
  • Pre-approved public works contractors (UPCCAA)
    • Annual Pre-Qualification Application
    • Letter of Interest
    • Non-Collusion Affidavit form
  • Public works approved contractors
    • Labor and Materials Contract (informal bids) or Construction Contract (formal bids)
    • Drug-free Workplace Certification form
    • Workers' Compensation form
    • Performance & Payment Bonds (projects $25,000 and over)
    • Senate Bill (SB) 854
      • Public Works Contractor's Certification form
        • Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Registration Number
          • Contractors must be registered in order to do any public works projects
          • Requirement includes all subcontractors and second-tier subcontractors

Upon completion of the above necessary documents, original contracts and bonds must be sent to CLPCCD as directed on the applicable forms; remaining forms may be submitted to the Purchasing Department via email or faxed to (925) 485-5255.

Contact Information

Please contact Marie Hampton if you have any questions regarding vendors at (925) 485-5233.