Contract for Services

What Is a Contract for Services?

A Contract for Services sets forth the agreement between a specific independent contractor/consultant (individual person) and CLPCCD. A Contract for Services is not used for companies or services associated with construction/public works projects. It is primarily used when individuals perform a service for the District. The Contract for Services includes the scope of work, the duration (term) of the contract, and compensation.

How Do I Set Up a Contract for Services?

Prior to contracting for professional services, the following needs to be completed and sent to Business Services for review:

Business Services will determine if the individual meets the definition of an independent contractor as defined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). After review by Business Services, the forms are sent to Human Resources to determine the following:

  • If the individual is, or ever was, an employee of CLPCCD
  • Whether or not the services should be performed by a bargaining unit member

The Contract for Services automatically expires on June 30 of each fiscal year. If services are needed for the next fiscal year, forms for the new contract term will need to be submitted in order to continue services.

How Does a Contractor Get Paid?

After the services are provided, the contractor must invoice the department for the services performed and refer to the purchase order number. The department needs to indicate on the invoice that the services were performed to the department's satisfaction. The department may simply write "ok to pay" on the invoice, sign, and date it. Forward the invoice to Accounts Payable for payment.

May I Hand a Check to a Contractor on the Date of an Event?

No. A contractor must invoice the district after the services have been performed. For internal control reasons, all checks are mailed from the District Office.

What Do I Do If a Company Is Performing Services?

If a company is performing services, prepare a requisition and forward it to Purchasing. Do not complete a Contract for Services. (If the vendor is new to the District, i.e. the vendor has never done business with the District before, the vendor will need to complete the Vendor Profile Application and the W-9 form.) Purchasing will generate a purchase order and send it to the vendor. After the vendor performs the services, the vendor needs to invoice the department and refer to the purchase order number on the invoice. The department may authorize payment, indicating services were performed to the department's satisfaction, by simply writing "ok to pay" on the invoice, sign the invoice, and date it. Forward the invoice to Accounts Payable for payment.

Contact Information

Please contact Marie Hampton if you have questions regarding Contracts for Services. She can be reached at (925) 485-5233.