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Accounts Payable Employee Reimbursements Disbursement Request
  Direct Payment Disbursement Request
  ACH Payment Request

ACH Authorization Agreement

  Conference Travel

Conference Leave Request

Conference Leave Expense Claim 2023 Mileage Rate Use this form for any travel after January 1, 2023

Conference Leave Expense Claim 2024 Mileage Rate Use this fom for any travel after January 1, 2024

  Mileage Table

Standard Mileage Distance to All CLPCCD Sites

  Travel Reimbursement

Travel Expense Claim Form 2023 Mileage Rate Use this form for any travel after January 1, 2023

Travel Expense Claim Form 2024 Mileage Rate Use this form for any travel after January 1, 2024

  Missing Receipt

Missing Receipt

Accounts Receivable Enrollment Fee Reimbursement Enrollment Fee Reimbursement
  Invoicing Request

Standard Request for Billing


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Checks Check Request Special Payroll Check Request
  Check Distribution Salary Warrant Distribution
  Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit Form

Direct Deposit Change Form

Timesheets Professional Experts Payment Request - Personal Service

Service Report: Academic Non-Instruction

Service Report: Part-Time Faculty 

  Counselor/Librarian Part-Time Counselor or Librarian Service Report

Monthly Classified Timesheet [instructions]

Hourly Classified Timesheet [instructions]

  Overtime/Compensatory Employee Overtime/Compensatory Form
  Chabot Student

Time Sheet funded by General Fund [instructions]

FWS Time Sheet [instructions]

  LPC Student Student Assistant Time Sheet [instructions]
Absence Requests Faculty Only Faculty Absence Report Form
  All Employees Leave of Absence Request
Transit Plan   EBS Monthly FSA Enrollment Form
Tax Withholdings Federal W-4
  State CA Withholding Allowance Certificate DE-4
Envoy 403b/457b Plans  

Envoy 2024 Plan Highlights

403b vs. 457b

403b Salary Reduction Agreement

CALPERS Enrollment Kit

457b Salary Reduction Agreement




Change Order

Vendors New Vendors

Vendor Profile Application

Federal W-9

  Professional Service Providers

Drug-Free Workplace Certification

Worker's Compensation

  Pre-Approved Public Works Contractors

Annual Pre-Approved Application

Non-Collusion Affidavit

  Public Works Approved Contractors

Drug-Free Workplace Certification

Worker's Compensation

Public Works Contractor's Certification

Independent Contractor:

Contract For Services and Additional Forms Required



Contract For Services

Independent Contractor Questionnaire

AB-5 Checklist

Vendor Profile Application

Federal W-9

Fixed Assets & Surplus  

Equipment Transfer

Surplus Equipment


Monthly Purchases Log

Missing Receipt

Risk Management

Risk Management Certificate of Insurance Request For Certificate of Insurance
Voluntary Activities Participation Form e.g., field trips Ackowledgement of Potential Risk