Technology Coordinating Committee

Meeting Schedule:

*2nd Fridays of the month 9:00am - 10:30am 

  • Fall 2023 Meeting Dates: Sept 08, Oct 13, Nov 17, Dec 08

*Open meetings, all are welcome to participate. 

Committee Charge:

Coordinate technology related information periodically between the colleges in order to:

  1. Make recommendations to the CLPCCD Planning and Budget Committee for district-wide support for technology planning at the Colleges and the allocation of resources beyond those outlined in the Budget Allocation Model (BAM).
  2. Facilitates the coordination, alignment, and integration of college technology planning with district-wide technology planning and resources allocation.
    1. Review and evaluate technology planning and maintenance for alignment with the district and college educational missions, goals, strategic plans, community expectations, and student learning needs.
    2. Discuss district-wide technology projects and issues as they relate to academic, administrative, mandatory regulations and security needs in order to improve and increase communication.
    3. Coordinate information related to the maintenance and improvement of websites.
    4. Provide support, including the identification of resources, to the Colleges to make sure that technology is being implemented in a timely and effective manner.
    5. Assess user knowledge/satisfaction of existing enterprise systems, including hardware and software.
    6. Identify technology needs including training for faculty and staff, as they arise with regard to common enterprise systems, network infrastructure, and equipment.
    7. Research new technologies that better serve students and staff by soliciting and making use of the expertise that is available district-wide.
    8. Identify user groups that will help select common enterprise systems, including hardware and software.
    9. Identify possible funding sources in order to take advantage of purchasing resources through the economies of scale.
    10. Provide a forum for discussion and input into the Technology Master Plans and the District ITS Strategic Plan.
  3. Coordinate compliance to accreditation standards related to technology.
  4. Regularly assess committee processes and use assessment results for continuous improvement.

Key Performance Indicators used for assessment of technology projects

  • User satisfaction of common enterprise systems, including hardware and software
  • Number of training opportunities and user satisfaction related to training
  • Productivity improvements resulting from implementation of common systems
  • Amount of manual paper processes replaced by electronic systems
  • Adequate resources for IT and users to implement and maintain enterprise systems
  • Effectiveness of various modes of communication channels between IT and its users
  • Monitor Technology Plans and progress towards goals
  • Results of pursuing external and internal funding sources

Reporting/Recommending Responsibilities:

  • Primary – CLPCCD Planning and Budget Committee (PBC),
  • Other – Chancellor, Chancellor's Council

Note: The term ‘technology’ includes both instructional and non-instructional technology.

                                                            Committee Charge updated 2014-03-10