Facilities Committee

Meeting Schedule:

*4th Fridays of the month 12:30pm - 1:30pm

  • 2022: August 26, September 23, October 28, December 16 (tentative)
  • 2023: January 27, February 25, March 24, April 28, May 19

*Open meetings, all are welcome to participate. 

Committee Charge:

  1. Make recommendations to the CLPCCD Planning and Budget Committee for district-wide support for facilities initiatives at the Colleges and the allocation of resources beyond those outlined in the Budget Allocation Model (BAM).
    1. Understand the District’s Climate Action Plan and recommend funding of initiatives in support of district-wide sustainability goals.
  2. Facilitates the coordination, alignment, and integration of colleges’ facility planning with district-wide facility planning and resource allocation.
    1. Review facilities planning, maintenance and custodial operations for alignment with district and college educational missions, goals and community expectations as described in college educational and facilities master plans in support of student learning programs and services.
    2. Coordinate and integrate college educational planning with district-wide facilities planning and resource allocation.
    3. Review the District’s updated five year capital plan as approved by the CLPCCD Board of Trustees and submitted to the State Chancellor’s Office for local and state funding.
    4. Recommend maintenance and operations/custodial level of effort for funding to the District Planning and Budget Committee.
    5. Review the District’s updated scheduled maintenance plan as approved by the CLPCCD Board of Trustees and submitted to the State Chancellor’s Office for local and state funding.
    6. Review the Capital Projects Progress Report for scope, schedule, budget and progressand the success and efficacy of projects recently completed.
    7. Assess the use, efficacy and functionality of the maintenance work order system.
    8. Understand the facilities inventory/capacity load and condition assessment submitted to the State Chancellor’s Office.
    9. Based upon the five year capital plan, recommend sources of new funding.
    10. Review college prioritized requests for capital projects funding (i.e., for new or renovated buildings and infrastructure).
    11. Discuss and make recommendations pertaining to the District’s sustainability goals as it relates to District’s buildings, infrastructure, and maintenance.
  3. Coordinate compliance to accreditation standards related to facilities.
  4. Regularly assess committee processes and use assessment results for continuous improvement.

Regularly Reviewed Information Items:

  • Five Year Capital Plan
  • Annual Space Inventory and Capacity Load Report
  • Facilities Condition Assessments
  • Schedule Maintenance Plan
  • Capital Project Progress Report
  • Work Order History Report
  • Scope of Project Funding Available
  • High Priority Construction & Renovation Nees
  • Maintenance Services and Priorities

Reporting/Recommending Responsibilities:

  • Primary - CLPCCD Planning and Budget Committee (PBC)
  • Other
    • Chancellor
    • Board of Trustees

Committee Charge updated 2014-03-10