How to Use the Y2C Guide

The Y2C Guide is here to help you learn

  • About 80 exciting programs across six different employment sectors.
  • How to enroll at:
    • Chabot College
    • Las Positas College
    • Your local adult school
  • How to access additional resources available to you!

As the Y2C Network continues to develop more courses, flexible options for new programs will be announced and incorporated into the network—and this guide. Always make sure to check with the CLPCCD advisors, college counseling faculty, and Y2C program contacts listed in this guide to learn the most up-to-date information for program availability and the resources to help you enroll.

This guide is not a comprehensive list of all programs available at the Chabot and Las Positas campuses, so be sure to discuss your interest in programs not listed here with academic counselors as needed.

Y2C Sectors

The network’s 80 programs are organized into six sectors to help you find the field that stands out to you!

  1. Advanced Manufacturing & Automotive
  2. Business, Management & Entrepreneurship
  3. Education & Public Services
  4. Healthcare
  5. Information & Communications Technology
  6. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Understanding the "At a Glance" Section

Each sector has an overview of the programs included; this is here to help you get a quick sense of what each program has to offer by including the following information.

Online or Virtual Delivery

Many, if not most, courses will be available online or using a virtual, instructor-led delivery method. Always make sure to check with the program contact for specific details on which requirements can be completed online and face-to-face, respectively.


Each program is affiliated with Chabot College, Las Positas College, or one of the Y2C Network community partners listed in this guide. Make sure you know which campus/organization offers the coursework you need.


Courses taken for credit (C) will earn grades and count toward a major, while courses taken for noncredit (NC) do not factor into a grade-point average; noncredit courses are free to students. Not-for-credit (NfC) offerings tend to be short-term, skills-based classes and do not count toward college credit programs; they also do not appear on official transcripts.

Entry Level and/or Career Builder

The Y2C Network has programs designed for both entry-level in a new career and advancement in a current career. Sometimes the same program fits different needs for different students.

Transfer Opportunities

Certain Y2C programs are designed to connect to a career pathway, linking programs that build your career and can lead to community college or university degrees. Likewise, most credit courses taken in the Y2C Network are eligible for transfer credit.


A prerequisite course must be completed before you can take the following course. Prerequisites must be completed with grades of “C” or better before enrolling in a program. Demonstrable equivalent skills and/or prior experience may be substituted for some courses.

Industry and Professional Certification(s)

A professional certificate or industry certification is usually awarded by a professional association or industry governed body. These professional certifications recognize an individual's level of knowledge or proficiency in a specific profession or industry, and are generally separate from the degrees or certificates awarded by a community college. Many of the Y2C programs include either the awarding of a professional certificate or preparation to take an industry-recognized certification exam.