IPBM - Guiding Principles of the IPB Process

IV. Guiding Principles of the IPB Process

In an effort to increase communication, provide transparency and develop trust in the process the CWG established the following guiding principles in the development of this IPB model. 

  • Educational planning and needs should be the foundation of all decision-making.
  • College planning should be the primary determinant for establishing shared governance recommendation.
  • Be easily understood and provide a forum for shared participation in the decision-making process
  • Insure educational planning, student needs and assessment of KPIs are the foundation of all budget decision making.
  • Provide a written narrative of the Integrated Planning and Budget (IPB) process and the Budget Allocation Model (BAM) in order to memorialize the process.
  • Provide consistency in the allocation of funds in order to promote transparency and the integration of planning into the budgeting process while maintaining alignment with the State of California's SB 361 funding model
  • Provide clear accountability amongst all stakeholders on roles and responsibilities and establish a periodic review and assessment of the process.
  • Provide for autonomous decision making at the college level while using the college planning process as the primary source for determining shared governance recommendations.
  • Provide a clear path from recommendations to consideration in the decision-making cycle.


District-Wide Committees

  • District Educational Support Services Committee
  • District Facilities Committee
  • District Planning & Budget Committee
  • District Technology Coordinating Committee