Emergency Plans

Emgerency Procedures


What is an Emergency?

An emergency is when immediate police, fire department, or medical assistance is necessary to protect life or property.

Reporting Emergencies:

  • DIAL 9-1-1    (8-9-1-1 at Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Office)
  • CALL Campus Safety and Security:
  • Chabot College:  510-723-6923
  • Las Positas College:  925-424-1699
  • BE CALM Identify yourself and your location
  • IDENTIFY YOUR LOCATION Identify the location of the incident and describe as clearly as possible the nature of the problem (crime, fire, disaster, medical emergency, hazardous materials spill)
  • REMAIN ON THE LINE, The dispatcher will be sending proper emergency personnel to the scene.  (Police Officer – Ambulance – Fire Department).  The dispatcher will then advise you when all of the proper information has been obtained.  Do no hang up; let the dispatcher hang up first.

Emergency Plan

The Chabot-Las Positas Community College District’s Emergency Operations Plan is a document designed to provide a framework for protecting students, faculty, staff, and campus facilities, as well as to describe the responsibilities of staff members, for a wide range of emergency and disaster situations that may occur.  The Emergency Operations Plan is a tool to assist in the planning and implementation of effective emergency preparedness programs and training.